April 23, 2018
Dee Sicklesteel

Board portal comparison – Aprio vs Passageways OnBoard

Are you trying to decide between Aprio and Passageways OnBoard for managing your board’s communication? Here are some key differences to consider.

What makes Aprio superior to Passageways OnBoard?

At their core Aprio and OnBoard board portals do similar things – helping boards with organizing meetings, securely distributing board packages and engaging and keeping directors up to date. But there are some standout differences to consider as you decide which to buy.

Full featured product
The all-in-one Aprio product, delivers full features to everyone, reflecting our mission to make good governance simple and affordable for all.
YesNo – tiered editions
Inclusive pricing
All Aprio features, ongoing training and support, both mobile and desktop editions – are all included in one Aprio price.
Automated agenda creation
Aprio Agenda Wizard auto-creates meeting agendas based on board documents, adding in hyperlinks for a presentation-ready agenda.
Calendar view
The Aprio calendar provides month-at-a-glance views to make meeting booking convenient and ensuring booking accuracy.
Board-wide and select-member surveys & voting
Aprio makes CEO, board and director evaluations easy with survey tools that also let you conduct votes between board meetings.
YesNot all editions
Expense tracking for directors
Aprio simplifies repayment to directors for expenses with an easy to use expense tool delivered to mobile and desktop.
Complete reporting
Aprio provides nine standard reports to track board activity, attendance, login behavior, groups and audit reporting.

Worth the switch? Worth the choice?

Aprio stands out in the industry as the most full-featured, affordably priced board portal available. With Aprio, you have access to more sophisticated tools as your board’s needs change without an upgrade in pricing or a migration.

We lead the industry in customer loyalty and service satisfaction, and have you fully protected with top level industry standard security. We’ll work hard to win your trust and keep it.

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